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About Us

We are a Life Skills Training and Consultancy business specializing in Human Relations. We are a unique blend of education, organizational development and race relations facilitation. Check out below for more info

How it all began

After years of working in entertainment, education and Counseling and with nonprofits, we realized that understanding human relations within the context of any business or organization is core to having healthy and effective productivity.

With this discovery we wanted to help people understand one another and help them move past perceived  barriers in order to achieve synergy.

Thus Life Solutions was created on January 5, 2015 by Dana Clark-Jackson along with her husband Robert Jackson.

Dana Clark-Jackson

It has been more than 30 years since I left the Music Industry as-a recording artist, dancing on SOUL TRAIN and hobnobbing in studios and mansions in Bel Air, went from DIVA to a Daughter of the King. Encountered the Elite of the world and walked away for something much more authentic, I found my passion in helping others.

Robert Jackson

With being an author and researcher, educating and equipping others is my passion and helping individuals and organizations reach their fullest potential is my ultimate goal.